Hi friends!

School is becoming extremely overwhelming and I unfortunately have no time to blog anymore :( Well, at least until the end of the semester. So for now I have to bid you all adieu, but I’ll see you in December!


Totally 80’s

Hi friends!

Friday night we hosted an 80’s themed party! A lot of us dressed up as either a famous 80’s movie character or just an 80’s person in general. So today I’m going to share some photos of my outfit as well as give you all a hair tutorial on how I got my big 80’s hair!

IMG_2654 IMG_2706For my outfit, I tried to channel my inner Robin Sparkles with the huge hair, big headscarf, and neon colours. The bright pink lipstick and the purple eyeshadow were a plus! I felt very 80’s…even though I wasn’t even alive in that decade.

And now how I got my usually limp hair to get big and poufy:

IMG_2617After my shower in the morning, I braided my hair like crazy on both sides because I don’t own a crimper. I wasn’t trying to get perfect spacing or anything with them, because I wanted it to be random. To avoid looking like a weirdo all day, I pulled all of the braids back, put them in a bun and rocked the Heidi look.

IMG_2624About a half hour before the party started, I took out the braids and blow dried the remaining damp parts.

IMG_2627Then with a regular brush I teased my hair by lifting pieces up and brushing backwards. I did that all over, focusing on the top layers to create extra volume. I then flipped my hair upside-down and hairsprayed my entire head.

IMG_2630To get my bangs to stick up, I lifted them and teased them as well. I then lifted them and hairsprayed them like crazy! I then formed them to give a very 80’s cowlick effect.

After that I wrapped a headscarf in my hair and tied a huge bow at the top. And there you have it! Some awesome, crazy volume 80’s hair.





Here Comes the Sun

IMG_2555 IMG_2561 IMG_2581 IMG_2583 IMG_2597 IMG_2601

Hey friends!

Uhk, I still can’t get over how amazing this lens is. I definitely need to get one myself instead of stealing borrowing Brock’s!

This is what I wore yesterday when Jon and I went on an LCBO run. I love my American Apparel hoodies so much, they’re so comfy and warm! I usually just wear them around the house though, but yesterday I was in the sporty mood and decided to let one of them see the outside. Hooray! We went on an LCBO run because tonight we’re hosting an 80s themed party! So look forward to pictures from that, I’ve got a whole 80s outfit planned. So excited!

Happy Friday everyone!

Shorts – Urban Outfitters  •  Sweater – American Apparel  •  Tee – FAO Schwartz  •  Backpack – JanSport

Trendy Thursday: Vintage

Hey friends!

Vintage and thrifted items are seen everywhere nowadays. Well…maybe I’ve just noticed them recently but right now there seems to be an obsession within the hipster community with vintage items. Not just clothing: I’ve seen vintage interior decor around the internet too. And I think it’s great that beautiful things are getting recycled and refreshed to fit our styles today. The vintage pieces in my wardrobe have a special feeling for me because I know that they have proved the test of time and I love trying to rework them with my pieces from today. Plus I know that I’m wearing something that probably nobody else has! One of the goals I try to be in life is unique and vintage pieces are a great way to do that.

Here are some amazing vintage or thrifted pieces that I’ve worn:



My awesome vintage picnic basket bag is probably one of my favourites! How cute is it?



I love my vintage high-waisted shorts, especially the blue denim ones. They’re so comfy!


My vintage red hat is also one of my favourites. I get strange looks when I go out in public with it, but who cares!

IMG_0867And of course my adorable 70’s romper. It’s so interesting and unique, and it’s comfy too! Pretty much like wearing pajamas around everywhere.

There’s a couple more vintage items I have that I haven’t shown you guys yet, but I promise I will soon! What do you think of the vintage trend?

School Bees

IMG_2464 IMG_2459 IMG_2469 IMG_2457 IMG_2455 IMG_2493 IMG_2452 IMG_2440 IMG_2420

Hey friends!

How amazing is this lens? I borrowed it from Brock (who also took these photos) but I desperately need to get my own soon!

It feels like forever since I posted an outfit, but I’ve been super busy with school and everything lately that I haven’t had time to take some photos. Yesterday was the first day of classes and this is what I wore! I got this cropped sweater on sale at Forever 21 and I love it, it’s great for fall.

I hope everyone is having a great time at school! Or, you know, work and actual real-world things.

Sweater – Forever 21  •  Necklace – Forever 21  •  Jeans – Bluenotes  •  Boots – Gap

Niki Being the Group’s Mom 01: Veal Meatballs

Hey friends!

Last year when living in residence I learned how to cook. I really like it and I didn’t mind being the cook for the four of us because it meant I no longer had to do dinner dishes. Because of my cooking abilities and my desire to make yummy dinners I was labelled as the “Mom” of our group. So this is a new segment of the blog where I share some recipes with you too!

First up is a delicious meatball recipe that I found randomly because I had ground veal that I didn’t know what to do with. It’s often a hit with my friends and can serve many people as well, if you make enough pasta and sauce to go with them! They can also be yummy in meatball subs.


Easy Veal Meatballs


1 lb ground veal, defrosted

1/2 cup parmesan cheese

1 egg

1/2 cup breadcrumbs

Onion powder (or 1 onion, minced)

Garlic powder



Italian seasoning



1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F and spray a baking sheet with cooking spray (or line with parchment paper).

2. Put the defrosted veal in a large bowl and break it up a bit with a large spoon. Add breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese and egg.

3. Add the garlic powder, onion powder, italian seasoning, salt and pepper according to your tastes and how much flavour you want in the meatballs. I prefer to use onion powder rather than minced onion because I don’t like onion chunks very much and I usually don’t have one on hand!

IMG_2392 IMG_24014. Stir until the veal is coated thoroughly with the dry ingredients and the egg.

5. Take pieces of the mixture and roll them into small balls. Try to make sure they are all similar in size so they all cook the same.

IMG_24026. Place the balls on a tray. I got 19 decent sized meatballs out of this mixture, but depending on how big you make them it can vary.

7. Place in the oven for 25 min. In this time you can make sauce and pasta!

IMG_24098. Before serving, check if they’re done by cutting one of the biggest ones in half. If there’s no pink, then they are ready to serve!

And there you have it! Sorry about the picture quality, the tiny kitchen in my suite doesn’t have the best lighting. Enjoy!



Lazy Days

Hey friends!

Today is quite a sitting-around-in-sweats kind of day. Since I’ve moved back to residence I haven’t gotten a chance to take any outfit photos but to be honest I’m thinking of straying away from that anyways. I still want to do them once in a while, but I find it takes time that I may not have this semester! I’m leaning more towards being a lifestyle blog because then I can blog about whatever I’m feeling and not have to worry about picking outfits and whatnot!

With that said, since nothing remotely interesting happened today other than Mario Party 4, here’s some pretty pictures from tumblr. Hooray!